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#LiveEducated / #LiveFree

The continued protection of Liberty lies within the continued education of the people. But education only goes so far. Education without action is useless. Education with action is the most powerful force in existence.

With that in mind, we are happy to introduce a personal campaign of purpose: #LiveEducated / #LiveFree. We encourage all people to not only learn their rights and study the law but to also assert their rights on their own behalf, as well as on behalf of others. The pursuit of knowledge must be coupled with the conviction of personal action. Through individual efforts, we can inspire and educate those around us, ensuring that our rights as individuals can be strengthened for every generation.


The State of Civics Education

Civics Education is severely lacking in the United States. We'd like to change that.

Intro to the Fourth Amendment

An introduction to the Fourth Amendment, some of the legal exceptions, and ways to protect yourself.

#LiveEducated / #LiveFree Apparel

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“It is not enough to acquire wisdom, it is necessary to employ it.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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